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Software Engineer II

立即申请 稍后申请 Job ID 901965BR 工作地点-国家/地区 西雅圖, 华盛顿州, 美国 工作发布公司 Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution; 发布日期 Dec. 14, 2021


As a Software Engineer, you will taking a hands-on role in engineering beautiful and functional user interfaces and interactions. You will use your front-end creative and engineering skills to assist in iteratively and continuously deploying new features, functionality, and products to our customers. You will be an important part of a lean DevOps and automation culture where as a frontend contributor, expected to collaborate with backend and UX teams to build optimized experiences for our end-users. The ideal candidate will be someone who has worked within the web software development ranks – typically possessing 2+ years of experience in a technical field creating scalable and performant web applications while providing detail oriented front-end web development.

The candidate must be well versed in ES6+ JavaScript, combined with skills leveraging modern reactive JavaScript libraries, tools, and runtimes to engineer abstract, secure, reusable, and testable UI components and applications. This person should also have homegrown Design System experience, having collaborated tightly with creative teams to assist in component reusability, maintainability, and configurability across a diverse UI portfolio. The right person should also blend their engineering abilities with a sense of pixel-perfect craftsmanship; partnering with prior team to turn user stories, wireframes, and prototypes into fully functional applications.

The Walt Disney Company strives to get things done quickly, at high quality, and we are committed to the agile methodology. We do our work guided by a lean principle, looking at value and avoiding waste, with an emphasis on not doing anything ‘for the sake of doing it’. An ideal candidate is a passionate and impactful individual interested in adding their chapter to the long and storied history of The Walt Disney Company. Someone who holds themselves and their teammates accountable in a professional, collaborative manner while also seeking to bring the best out in themselves and those around them


  • Builds solution components for problems of medium scope and complexity that have been successfully deployed to customers/users.
  • Is developing a strong knowledge base in one or two key areas in software engineering.
  • Focuses on coding at the component level.
  • Works with relevant personnel across the organization on project issues.
  • Participates in developing specifications for assigned components, projects or fixes.
  • Writes code, completes programming, writes tests, performs testing and debugs code.
  • Contributes to the evolution of the team’s software engineering practices, recommending changes in development, coding, maintenance and system standards.
  • Efficiently supports owned software throughout the lifecycle.
  • Performs technical maintenance and troubleshooting for component and maintains documentation.
  • Reviews code to uphold standards for readability and maintainability.
  • Applies standard practices and procedures to resolve a variety of moderately complex technical issues.
  • Identifies problems without necessarily being able to provide solutions.
  • Reviews many factors and uses judgment within defined practices and procedures to determine actions.
  • Makes routine and non-routine decisions on technical issues, with guidance from leader.
  • Serves as a technical resource for less experienced software engineers.
  • Receives and transmits semi-routine information requiring some explanation or interpretation, typically to members of one technical team.


  • Typically has 2+ years of experience in a technical field.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training or work experience.
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript ES6+, native DOM interfaces, WebSocket protocol, REST/SOA patterns.
  • Experience with reactive programming using at least one of the following best of breed UI stacks: React/Reactive Native, Redux, TypeScript, SCSS, Jest, Enzyme, Selenium/Nightwatch, SauceLabs, Webpack, Babel, Node/Express, oAuth 2.0/JWT
  • Has a solid understanding of browsers, devices, OS, and other user agent interoperability and compatibility concerns
  • Experience with AWS, GitLab CI/D pipelines, Docker, Kubernettes/Helm
  • Has experience working with high-performing teams using Agile and Lean methodologies and frameworks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


  • Master's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related technical discipline is highly desirable
  • Experience working with vendor teams to deliver high quality results
  • Strongly passionate about the opportunity to work for The Walt Disney Company.

关于 Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution:

关于 The Walt Disney Company:

华特迪士尼公司连同其子公司和关联公司,是一家领先的多元化国际家庭娱乐和媒体公司,拥有以下业务板块:媒体网络、乐园和度假区、影视娱乐、消费产品和互动媒体。它从 20 世纪 20 年代的一家小型卡通工作室,一跃发展成为当今娱乐业中的翘楚,可谓是家喻户晓。迪士尼公司非常荣幸地继续秉承其传统,为每位家庭成员打造世界一流的故事和体验。迪士尼的故事、人物和经历吸引了世界各地的消费者和游客。我们在 40 多个国家及地区经营业务,我们的员工和演职人员携手努力,打造在全世界和当地都备受钟爱的娱乐体验。

此职位隶属于 Disney Streaming Technology LLC,即我们称为 Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution 的业务部门的一部分。

Disney Streaming Technology LLC 奉行机会均等原则。所有应聘者,不论种族、肤色、宗教信仰、性别、民族出身、性取向、性别认同、残疾状况或受保护的退伍军人身份,均有机会获得聘用。Disney 营造健康向上的企业文化,确保每个人的想法和决策都能帮助我们发展、革新、创作出色故事,同时紧跟日新月异的时代步伐。

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