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PastryChef / Head Baker FT - $1,500 Hiring Incentive

立即申请 稍后申请 Job ID 873530BR 工作地点-国家/地区 安那罕, 加利福尼亚州, 美国 工作发布公司 Disneyland Resort; 发布日期 Oct. 17, 2021


Responsible for executing innovative production techniques and creating and designing specialty cakes and plated desserts.

The starting rate for Pastry Chef/Head Baker is $19.60 per hour.

$1,500 New Hire Bonus Incentive Pastry Chef/Head Baker New Hire Bonus

$1,500 Hiring Bonus (First payment after 90 days = $375 and Second payment after 150 days = $1,125)

To be eligible for the sign-on bonus, cast members must be in the position continuously for at least 90 days after hire and be employed by The Walt Disney Company at time of payment. A cast member is hired after the successful completion of Disney Traditions or one full day of employment. To be eligible for an incentive bonus after 150 days, cast members must remain employed in the position continuously for at least 150 days and be employed by The Walt Disney Company at the time of payment. Payments will be made approximately two weeks after the 90 and 150-day milestones, respectively. Bonus payments are subject to applicable taxes and other legal withholding. Disputes concerning eligibility to a bonus payment shall be resolved by Disneyland Recruitment in its sole and absolute discretion. The incentives offered herein are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Cast Members hired prior to October 17, 2021 or after January 1, 2022 will not be eligible for an incentive award.


  • Creates and designs specialty desserts and show pieces
  • Leads specialty desserts and cake decorating for special events
  • Presents and discusses specialty pastry/cake designs with Banquet Event Clients
  • Creates complex formulations using innovative production techniques
  • Acts as food stylist work for banquets and specialty restaurants
  • Role models technical skills required for baker/pastry culinary production
  • Calls Guests and Event Planners to discuss custom cake designs


  • You must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for this role.
  • Strong experience with cakes, plated desserts and working in banquets and restaurant environments.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in culinary field/high volume restaurant or Culinary Degree and 3 years related experience
  • Proven ability to read and understand recipes in a mass volume environment
  • Ability to multi task and work in a very fast paced team environment
  • Demonstrates a desire to work in a guest service and team environment
  • Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for working in the kitchen
  • Strong listening skills and ability to follow direction
  • This role is Full-Time, and requires full availability including days, nights, weekends, holidays and special events


  • Completed culinary education program or equivalent Leadership experience
  • Food Safety Certification or equivalent
  • Bilingual preferred


Our Theme Parks and Resort Hotels operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and some shifts may start as early as 5:00am while some may end as late as 3:00am, 4:00am or 5:00am.

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关于 Disneyland Resort:

当 Walt Disney 于 1955 年 7 月 17 日开办 Disneyland 时,他希望这里成为“全世界的快乐和灵感源泉”。自此以来,Disneyland Resort 接待了超过 8 亿名游客,已成长为占地面积约 200 万平方米(500 英亩)、广受好评的多功能家庭度假目的地,并与两座美名远播的 Disney 主题乐园、三家酒店以及集购物、餐饮和娱乐为一体的 Downtown Disney District 同台竞技。通过创意、技术和创新的融合,度假区将迪士尼童话故事提升至新高度,每一天,Disneyland Resort 演职人员都在为成千上万游客生动演绎 Disney 魔法。

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华特迪士尼公司连同其子公司和关联公司,是一家领先的多元化国际家庭娱乐和媒体公司,拥有以下业务板块:媒体网络、乐园和度假区、影视娱乐、消费产品和互动媒体。它从 20 世纪 20 年代的一家小型卡通工作室,一跃发展成为当今娱乐业中的翘楚,可谓是家喻户晓。迪士尼公司非常荣幸地继续秉承其传统,为每位家庭成员打造世界一流的故事和体验。迪士尼的故事、人物和经历吸引了世界各地的消费者和游客。我们在 40 多个国家及地区经营业务,我们的员工和演职人员携手努力,打造在全世界和当地都备受钟爱的娱乐体验。

此职位隶属于 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.,即我们称为 Disneyland Resort 的业务部门的一部分。

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