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Operations Resource Supervisor

立即申请 稍后申请 职位ID 762842BR 工作地点-国家/地区 伍德蘭市, 德克萨斯州, 美国 工作发布公司 Media Networks; 发布日期 Jul. 05, 2020


The Operations Resource Supervisor will work with teammates to support a 24 hour / 7 day a week media network operation. Their primary responsibility will be to schedule appropriate operational personnel and resources needed for the execution of Disney Media Networks. This will include Disney Channel Networks, Freeform, FX Networks, National Geographic Networks and ABC Television Network and all related streaming networks. The Operations Resource Supervisor should be familiar with many aspects of television operations. A successful candidate in this role must be able to collaboratively supervise a plan the scheduling of a large scale operation while being able to prioritize tasks and requests.


  • Oversight of network origination resource and labor scheduling in a 24/7 environment.
  • Labor planning elements:
    • Schedule 24/7 operations staff including management of vacation requests and sick calls
    • Increase or reduce staff as appropriate to meet business needs and events scheduled to air on our networks
    • Plan for operational needs taking into account event requirements, maintenance and other factors; schedule and instruct operations accordingly on what equipment / rooms and resources are to be used during each day / event
  • Transmission and feed planning elements:
    • Distribution Patterns, and Sectional and Regional Feeds to all time zones
    • Source, time, satellite service, program content, etc.
    • Regional commercial activity resulting from pre-planned regional feed disruptions, regional sports manipulation, unique feed patterns, and limited net paths
    • Feed pattern changes (e.g., presidential addresses, awards shows, New Year’s Eve programming, etc.) or react to special report stop-and-starts, unplanned program run over, and live sports activity
    • Program feed changes for regional feeds and clearance changes (e.g., morning news pattern changes), special program offerings (e.g., Ten Commandments)
    • Produce a detailed list of daily trafficking changes to the Operations and DTCI Transmissions department for internal routing instructions
    • Auxiliary bookings using Network Distribution for Promos, News Inserts, Two-way interviews, Net returns for Live Special events
  • Contribution and Remote planning elements:
    • Planning transmission (including video compression and audio encoding) from remote sites for Sports and Entertainment – live events, Sports, special events, satellite trucks and satellite transponder space, common carrier, etc.
    • Estimate costs of and reserve outside providers (uplink trucks, fiber etc.)
    • Prepare orders in Scheduling System and confirm and provide work orders to outside providers
    • Coordinate with production and technical personnel including weekly sports meeting to review each weekends plans
    • Order and obtain phone lines and/or high-speed internet connections for remotes where required
    • Event logistics support, schedule and coordinate pre-testing, special needs, special parameters, Company “Town Hall” event support, coordinate special service installation example Jimmy Kimmel in Brooklyn requires a 30-day Verizon Circuit install Brooklyn to ABC NY Plant for live production week
    • Attend Operations and Production meetings for all Live Events to plan and coordinate Transmission and/or Distribution requirements
  • Daily communication with our transmission and engineering partners concerning updates, issues and upcoming plans
  • Build and maintain high quality relationships with all internal & external partners
  • Work constructively and respectfully with fellow team and department members to achieve a common goal while always upholding the values of The Walt Disney Company
  • Provide input for the implementation of technological upgrades and projects furthering the vision of the Facility


  • A minimum of at 2 years’ experience in live television
  • Basic television operations or engineering background
  • Basic knowledge of television equipment that will include:
    • Video Routers and Switchers
    • Graphics Devices
    • Standards and Practices Delays
    • Communication Panels
    • Closed Caption and Video Data Encoders
  • Understanding of video formats (SD, HD, UHD, HD-HDR and video and audio standards (SMPTE)
  • Some understanding of traditional video encoding and decoding (ASI) as well as newer standards of compressed and uncompressed IP video transport (SMPTE 2022, SMPTE 2110, HLS, MPEG-TS via multicast, RTMP, DASH)
  • Basic understanding of editing software functions
  • Proficiency in Windows and Microsoft Office (esp. Outlook and Excel)
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills; must be able to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Strong interest in current industry technologies and developments


  • Labor and resource scheduling experience a plus
  • Experience with Xytech Mediapulse
  • Strong interest in current industry technologies and developments.
  • Familiarity with streaming media platforms (e.g., Netflix, Fire TV, Hulu, etc.)
  • Understanding of basic file systems and transfer protocols

关于 Media Networks:

Media Networks 是The Walt Disney Company的主要事业部,业务范围涵盖公司的各种电视网络、有线电视频道,以及相关制作与发行公司。此外,该事业部还拥有并运营两个部门——Walt Disney Television and ESPN。

关于 The Walt Disney Company:

华特迪士尼公司连同其子公司和关联公司,是一家领先的多元化国际家庭娱乐和媒体公司,拥有以下业务板块:媒体网络、乐园和度假区、影视娱乐、消费产品和互动媒体。它从 20 世纪 20 年代的一家小型卡通工作室,一跃发展成为当今娱乐业中的翘楚,可谓是家喻户晓。迪士尼公司非常荣幸地继续秉承其传统,为每位家庭成员打造世界一流的故事和体验。迪士尼的故事、人物和经历吸引了世界各地的消费者和游客。我们在 40 多个国家及地区经营业务,我们的员工和演职人员携手努力,打造在全世界和当地都备受钟爱的娱乐体验。

此职位隶属于 ABC Cable Networks Group,即我们称为 Media Networks 的业务部门的一部分。

ABC Cable Networks Group 奉行机会均等原则。所有应聘者,不论种族、肤色、宗教信仰、性别、民族出身、性取向、性别认同、残疾状况或受保护的退伍军人身份,均有机会获得聘用。Disney 营造健康向上的企业文化,确保每个人的想法和决策都能帮助我们发展、革新、创作出色故事,同时紧跟日新月异的时代步伐。

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