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ILMxLAB Senior Character Artist San Francisco, CA

立即申请 稍后申请 职位ID oV6D7fwv 工作地点-国家/地区 旧金山, 加利福尼亚州, 美国 工作发布公司 Industrial Light & Magic; 发布日期 Apr. 28, 2020



Position at ILMxLAB

*Remote Work Option Available*

The Senior Character Artist is a key member of the entire art team at ILMxLAB who works closely with Concept and other Discipline Leads to define and refine distinctive, memorable characters. You proactively seek opportunities to elevate the game, enjoy finding emerging technologies that improve the pipeline, embrace constructive feedback, and thrive in a highly collaborative environment.

We are looking for a leader who reflects the innovative spirit, creative talent, production excellence, collaborative mindset and passion for great storytelling that define ILM & ILMxLAB.

What you'll do

  • Partner with Concept, Design, and other creative leads to conceptualize and model characters and hard surface accessories based on original art and photographic reference.
  • Work closely with our look-development team to create and apply textures and materials with aesthetic appreciation for real-world references, run-time lighting and story driven aesthetics.
  • Create high quality character models and materials/shaders including in-game and high-resolution assets.
  • Collaborate with the character technical directors to help define modeling standards for rigging, deformation, and simulation within performance budgets, and other run-time requirements.
  • Mentor and lead junior level artists as well as modelers on loan from ILM
  • Review work from external partners and provide detailed direction and feedback.
  • Become familiar with new tools, performance capture hardware, software and data, and other emerging modeling techniques.
  • Actively participate in milestone planning, reviews, and bids for new work.
  • Work within deadlines and display strong time management skills.

What we're looking for

  • 5+ years of professional experience as a character artist in games, film, feature animation, or other related fields.
  • MFA or equivalent experience required.
  • Previous experience as a Senior or Lead Character Artist on a published title and have shipping experience on multiple game titles.
  • Advanced abilities in Maya, ZBrush or Mudbox and Photoshop. Knowledge of Mari a bonus. Unreal experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a high degree of self-direction and balance multiple tasks at once.
  • Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. Good understanding of the critiquing process and how to motivate others.
  • Experience collaborating with designers, animators, riggers, engineers to develop new solution/tool/tech/pipeline.
  • Self motivation and a passion for the VR/AR industry is essential.
  • Solid portfolio showing the following:
    • Excellent understanding of human and animal anatomy, with supporting character and costume designs across multiple styles or genres.
    • Strong aesthetic appreciation for composition, proportion, mass and volume, light, lighting and color.
    • 3D sculpting and modeling abilities interpreting 2D concept.
    • Strong paint skills, multi-layered materials and effective texture layout.
    • Clear examples of how to emulate real-world materials in CG while considering hardware performance.
    • An understanding of garment tailoring, cloth simulation and mesh construction built to deform in a realistic manner in real-time.
    • Examples of additional relevant techniques a bonus (Including facial blendshapes and correctives, pose space deformation shapes, animated wrinkles and normal maps, hair and fur, body kits and accessories).

This position is with Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC, which is part of a business segment we call Industrial Light & Magic. Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, colour, religion or belief, sex, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, disability or pregnancy or maternity. Disney fosters a business culture where ideas and decisions from all people help us grow, innovate, create the best stories and be relevant in a rapidly changing world.

关于 Industrial Light & Magic:

ILM 由 George Lucas 于 1975 年创立,是全球领先特效
制作公司,为电影、广告制作和景点行业提供服务。ILM 已为超过 325 部剧情片提供视觉特效,深度参与过全球
票房排行前 10 的热片中 7 部电影的制作,并参与制作了 25 部排行前 50 的影片。ILM 为视觉特效树立了标准,
打造了电影史上众多令人惊叹的画面。该公司处在数字改革前线,将持续在视觉特效、VR、AR 和沉浸式影院领域

关于 The Walt Disney Company:

华特迪士尼公司连同其子公司和关联公司,是一家领先的多元化国际家庭娱乐和媒体公司,拥有以下业务板块:媒体网络、乐园和度假区、影视娱乐、消费产品和互动媒体。它从 20 世纪 20 年代的一家小型卡通工作室,一跃发展成为当今娱乐业中的翘楚,可谓是家喻户晓。迪士尼公司非常荣幸地继续秉承其传统,为每位家庭成员打造世界一流的故事和体验。迪士尼的故事、人物和经历吸引了世界各地的消费者和游客。我们在 40 多个国家及地区经营业务,我们的员工和演职人员携手努力,打造在全世界和当地都备受钟爱的娱乐体验。

奉行机会均等原则。所有应聘者,不论种族、肤色、宗教信仰、性别、民族出身、性取向、性别认同、残疾状况或受保护的退伍军人身份,均有机会获得聘用。Disney 营造健康向上的企业文化,确保每个人的想法和决策都能帮助我们发展、革新、创作出色故事,同时紧跟日新月异的时代步伐。

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